Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Identity Crisis

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been home for a while now, and I've changed the name of my blog as 'Four Months In Geneva' doesn't exacly make much sense anymore...

I've always wanted to steer clear of blogging the unimportant everyday stuff that happens to me in favour of actually having a specific purpose for the site. To this end I probably won't update this very often, and it'll be mainly photos. I've taken a few since returning to the old Emerald Isle, but of course it's much more difficult to be inspired by the beauty you have grown up with as opposed to that which you are seeing for essentially the first time.

That beauty is here, is undeniable. The turbulent and often soul-destroying weather produces cloud formations that are ever-changing and wondrous, for example. I was in the Burren in West Clare last week, and the savage... bleaknessof the c landscape there cannot fail to impress. Ireland is a country of immense beauty, all right. It is just not the mouth-gaping, show-stopping beauty of the Swiss Alps. Hopefully my time away has made me look upon this country in a different light - I think already I'm beginning to appreciate what I have.

Here are a few picture I've taken since I've come back. I'm lamenting the lack of a tripod (It was too heavy to bring home) so that will be the first thing I purchase when I climb out of this pit of poverty I'm in at the moment!*

*Massive exaggeration!

Rusty Car
This was out in the nearby Cratloe Woods - It's probably been there for months!

Depth Of Field
I called this one 'Depth of Field', and proceeded to think of myself as incredibly witty and intelligent for approximately seven minutes.

Cow Tse Tsung
Cows make great photo subjects - they move so slowly they are easy to capture, and I think there is something 'melancholic' about them, or something...

Home at last...

So, I have been back in Ireland for about three weeks now, and I must say, besides the weather, the public transport, the security, the nice buildings, the weather, the ridiculously small amount of hours spent actually doing something approaching hard work, the fun evenings, the view out my window, the train journeys through some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe or possibly the world, the nights out, the laughs, the lack of any real responsibility for possibly the longest time since I was a child, oh yeah - the weather, the company, the shops, the god-damn hard-to-describe-but-undeniable intelligent nature of of the whole place, the clean streets and lastly, the weather, I must say - it's good to be back!

To be fair, even though I may have sounded sardonic/bitter/twisted/like I was trying desperately to pad out a blog post when I have very little to write about (delete where applicable), it is actually reasonably satisfying to be back on home ground at last. It was an incredible experience, but it came to an end at the right time, and while I'll fondly remember my time there, I don't feel as if I have any inclination to go back to the place voluntarily (Geneva that is - Switzerland still holds plenty more wonder in my eyes)

So au revoir, Geneva. You were a brief love affair, to be looked back on fondly but without regret - and both glad to have moved on with life...