Monday, January 26, 2009

Star Trails During the Day??

Just in case you were wondering, this is what happens if you take a long exposure at night, when there's an extremely bright moon in the sky, and set your ISO to 1600. Of course, I did this just to show the readers of this blog what would happen if they did it, to save them some embarrasment. I never would be so stupid to do this accidentally myself, oh no...

Star Trails During the Day?

Incidentally, somebody very kind out there nominated this incompetent old thicko's blog for the Irish Blog Awards 2009, heaven knows why - out of some misguided notion of pity, perhaps ;) But seriously, thanks a million to whoever nominated me, it's much appreciated. As I've said elsewhere, the knowledge that one person likes my blog at least enough to bother sending in my name for nomination is extremely satisfying. It's an honour to share the same page on an internet with what is an excellent list of photoblogs.

P.S: Expect lots of high-brow, well-thought out posts over the next few weeks, as I try to pander to the judging committee. It's like Oscar season for blogs.

P.P.S: Actually scratch that, I've had a better idea. I'm going to rename the blog to reflect the new content emphasis.

What do you think of "Photos of Scantily-Clad Ladies and Ponderings"?