Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sunset & night pictures of Geneva

Another largely picture only post: This is because there isn't anything really to tell with them. I went for a wander around Lake Geneva a few days ago with my tripod, and took lots of pictures.

There's a lot of boats in Geneva, but strangely enough no yachts: something I would have expected from such a rich city. They must not be able to fit up the river or something.

I don't know the building I'm afraid. It's taken from the 'Jardin Anglais', that's about all I know.

The increasingly elusive Jet D'eau. It hasn't been turned on since Toni arrived - I've heard that it's either the wind blowing the wrong way, or maintenance. This photo was taken from the top of St. Pierre's Cathedral, in the old town.

The top of the spire of the same church, taken from the tower as well.

The stairs leading up to the tower in St. Pierre's cathedral. It's quite narrow, usually only enough room for one person.

Geneva by night

Geneva by night - again.

I quite liked this one, so I gave it a border and a name and everything. Expect more of this kind of nonsense in the future.

The building in the centre is St. Pierre's Cathedral.

And that's about that. I was lucky, the weather worked out really well for me that day. I must do that sort of thing more often!