Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting up at Dawn does not a good photographer make...

In my last post I mentioned that I was contemplating giving in to the mentally ill side of my psyche and getting up at half four in the morning to take pictures for a photography competition being held by the University. Well, I did it...

...and it was quite a disappointment. It was one of those moments when you realise that the mountain you've been climbing with expectation of reaching the top sooner rather than later is actually Mount Everest and you are on an elevator going the wrong way and trying to beat, wait - you're the mountain. You're the elevator, and the mountain is knowledge, and the camera is your Sherpa. No, no, no - the Sherpa is an elevator - going the wrong way up the digital camera. Yes. That's it.

Sorry. I have to indulge myself sometimes. Since nobody is reading this anyway I might as well have a bit of a rant now and again. Very cleansing. Indeed.

Anyway, I found my little photography excursion much more difficult than I reckoned it would be. The photos I took all lack 'pop'; I thing was expecting wonderful, almost magical qualities from the light, but it failed to materialise for me at least. Another thing I never thought of was the fact that at six O' Clock in the morning in UL, the place is absolutely covered in nasty Sodium vapour street lamps, which ruin any shot they are in, and are almost impossible to avoid...

Do I care? Yes, sort of, but mainly no. For one thing there was a certain thrill in lugging around a tripod and camera in a deserted University before dawn. I think I have the enthusiasm at least, and that must count for something. The mere act of going to UL at ridiculous o' clock in the morning was enough for me.

Still, it wasn't all bad, and I did take a couple of shots that while certainly wouldn't win any competitions, will probably be sent in anyway as I can submit ten for each category. I would be happy with getting one printed, if nothing else.

Iron Man

UL at Dawn again

Glucksman Library

From the Front of the Schumann Building