Friday, June 06, 2008

Anything I Can Muster Up That Isn't Macro

I did take some more Macro photos today, and as I've repeatedly sworn that I would take a break from it for a while, I'm going to finally excercise some restraint and post something else. So this brings me to Coco - the 'fetch' wunderkind, doing what she does best. These aren't exactly of much artistic value, but one of the things I like about photography is that sometimes that's ok. I can't think of another art form that gives so much joy from work so casually produced. Other art forms are hard: even self-mocking surrealist or post-modernist work is inpenetrable to simple, inartistic people like me. Perhaps the artistic equivalent to the photos below are the cheesy paintings of dogs playing poker, or maybe even the clichéd images of kittens playing with wool on a greeting card. I don't care though. They make me smile.

Coco (6 of 7) Coco (5 of 7)

Coco (4 of 7) Coco (3 of 7)

Coco (2 of 7)

Coco (1 of 7)

Coco (7 of 7)

The weird claw thing holding the ball in the last photo is probably the world's greatest invention. It's a €2 piece of plastic with a claw at the end for picking up the ball. It means no more bending down to pick up the ball, no more hands covered in dog drool, and you can fling it miles with a flick of the wrist.