Friday, May 16, 2008

Spanish Point Sunsets

I was in Spanish Point for the past few days, and now I have a backlog of photos to sort and process. It's a great feeling. Here are a few from last night - we were treated to a couple of spectacular sunsets over the past few days. Spanish Point knows how to do sunsets:

Rock at Sunset (2 of 3)

Rock at Sunset (3 of 3)

Rock at Sunset (1 of 3)

Landscapes were my original impetus for taking up photography, but I've never really taken any I was really satisfied with. I always go with a visualisation of the sweeping, haunting vista I'm going to capture, and I always return with disappointment. I suspect it's a combination of things: a lack of an ultra-wide lens, not enough patience, lack of foreground interest. Plain-old being in the wrong place - some locations are just obnoxiously dull. I'm happy enough with these, but I'll keep trying.

I'll probably put some more photos from the break up here in the next few days. Or hours. If I get bored.